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I’m not even going to e-mail Jason to post this, I’m just going to post it myself. Blatant self promotion? You know it. But since we did the Footwork bonus edit with Least Most it’s only appropriate the full video gets posted here. If you haven’t seen it yet, click play and get ready to smile…

“Footwork”, a bmx video presented by Orchid Footwear. Filmed by Ryan Navazio, edited by Derek Adams, visual fx by Josh Clancy. Starring Brian Hunt, Wiz, Brian Histand, Dave Krone, Micky Marshall, Dan Conway, Randy Brown, Van Homan, Niki Croft, and friends. Filmed around eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Originally released on DVD in April 2011. Running time 20 minutes.

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Slayer x Gucci?

A lot of people have asked me who did this Dre remix for the credit section in Footwork. It’s from a Chicago based duo known as The Hood Internet who do mashups of rap and indie songs. They’ve done hundreds of remixes, a lot of them are awesome while many others get rejected and never make it to their mixtapes. If you check out their Soundcloud you’ll find a ton of recent tracks to listen to.

My personal favorites right now are these 2 rap/metal rejects. I’ve made my disdain for rap metal known before, but I like these for their sheer ridiculousness. Slayer x Gucci Mane? Waka Flocka x Pelican? Too funny.

The Hood Internet – Raining Bricks (Gucci Mane x Slayer) by hoodinternet

Waka Flocka Flame x The Hood Internet – TTG (Trained To Go) x Pelican by hoodinternet

PS: if Soundcloud isn’t working you can listen to Raining Bricks here and TTG here on Youtube.

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Ryan Dunn stole the FBM megaphone

…or maybe it was Raab himself. Either way they were definitely in cahoots. The year was 2001 and the scene was the Criminal Mischief video premier in Binghamton, NY…

…Ryan and Raab made the 4 hour drive up from West Chester, PA and announced the premier of the video with a megaphone that was on hand at the theatre. The owner of the theatre couldn’t spell for shit, but I digress…

…you can see Raab holding the megaphone in Exhibit A below. You can also see me taking care of business with a cell phone and a roll of duct tape, probably stressing out about something, but again I digress…

…it turns out that the megaphone went missing soon after. Not only that, it belonged to the FBM guys and they wanted it back. I asked around and nobody knew what happened to it…

…until one day the megaphone turned up in a CKY skit with incriminating FBM stickers plastered on it. Busted!

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Bowling with the Devil

Yesterday was the PA woods benefit jam at Penn Skate. I cruised up to check out the scene and ride the Little Devil bowl where it now resides. Besides being in a desperate need for some fresh paint it’s as fast and fun as ever. There was one group of riders that really stood out to me and it turned out to be a group of 4 brothers (the Pud Brothers as Dave King so affectionately calls them). They had all the lines and all the style. This is Sam Dorward, the oldest Pud Brother, with a one handed flattie at height. I only broke out the camera for a minute before he dropped in and blasted this. Then I just put it away, satisfied that I got the best shot I was probably going to get that night. But this is not the last you’ll see of Sam or his brothers, I guarantee. You can’t fly under the radar for long when you go this high.

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Phones by Joe Stakun

A comedy sketch by Joe Stakun and Clay Tatum. These guys might be insane in the membrane.

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Wynwood Walls Miami – Part 2

A run down warehouse district in Miami transformed into the street art mecca of the world.
Continued from Part 1

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Wynwood Walls Miami – Part 1

While on vacation in Florida I had the chance to visit the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, aka The Wynwood Walls. Wynwood is a run down warehouse district that has been recently transformed into the street art mecca of the world. Tony Goldman, who owns several buildings in the district, was looking for something to beautify the ugly neighborhood. He decided to invite the best street artists from around the world to cover the buildings in murals. In December 2011 during Art Basel there was an explosion of new work and what resulted is one of the most mind-blowing spectacles I’ve ever seen. Literally hundreds of paintings line every street within a few block radius. I shot as many photos as I could but barely scratched the surface. To do this place any justice you simply have to see for yourself.

Continued in Part 2

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Fire In The Sky

Here’s 3 photos of my friend Luke Leister, all taken within an hour of each other at Bill Davis’ compound in Green Lane, PA. I was only shooting casually to remember the day, so each time I got a decent photo I would put the camera away and started riding again. But every time I stopped the sky would get gnarlier looking and I’d have to bust it out again. The difference an hour can make.

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Brian Histand Photo Gaptacular!

Brian Histand loves to crank balls and bunnyhop over stuff. Here’s 5 recent gap shots by Mike McGowan (except the b/w photo shot by Sketchy Craig).

Creek gap!

Electric box gap!

Wall gap!

Street gap!

Bench gap! Gaptacular!!

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Torched in Philly

For my epic return to Least Most, here’s a few photos of Torche when they came through Philadelphia to support their new split ep with Part Chimp. I only managed to get a few clicks before my flash stopped working and the lens fogged up. Since I haven’t even touched a camera in a year I shouldn’t have expected anything more. The 10% beers probably didn’t help either but at least it was a fun night.

My favorite photo of the night was completely accidental. This dude dove right into me and I must have hit the button just before impact. The same guy also knocked the bass player off the stage. Live action!

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Derek Brower for TLP

TLP – Derek Brower at Woodward from Ryan Scott on Vimeo.

Ryan Scott shot this video of Derek Brower riding Woodward East. Derek is a rider from the Reading, PA area who has been an underground legend around here for years. You don’t get to see too much footage of him so this is a treat. He shreds everything with a relaxed trail style that makes it look too easy. Plus he’s a cool dude with a cool first name. What’s not to love? TLP.

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Factoria Joven

This new skatepark/youth center in Merida, Spain looks sick. See detailed photos here.

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