Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.

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The Waste

This seems like a no-brainer to throw in here because the lead singer of Municipal Waste, Tony Foresta, has a blog on this website called ... read more

From Hessians To Hippys

Some more stuff to listen to that you've probably already heard, but still awesome. If anyone has any music they want to see listed here ... read more

Rappers Worthy of Action Figures: Part 1

My friend Bob owns this Madvillain action figure. Not because he's into collecting toys or anything, more because he knows that Madvillain (aka MF Doom ... read more

30 Years of Van Homan: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Van Homan trilogy, the Photo Extravaganza. 50+ random photos old and new, including some never seen before images. Enjoy. ... read more

Music To Paint Your Basement To

I'm a huge fan of all kinds of music and I've been wanting to pop the hip hop cherry on this blog since it's gone ... read more

30 Years of Van Homan: Part 2

Continued from 30 Years of Van Homan: Part 1. Here’s a question from Leigh Ramsdell, "Exactly how good are you at camping?" Haha, that’s like an inside ... read more

30 Years of Van Homan: Part 1

My friend Van turned 30 last month and I started thinking it would be a good time to do an interview with him. I had ... read more

The Most Brutal Woman Alive

If there was an election for "Most Brutal Woman Alive" I would give my vote to Amber Valentine from the black metal band Jucifer. I ... read more