Rappers Worthy of Action Figures: Part 1

My friend Bob owns this Madvillain action figure. Not because he’s into collecting toys or anything, more because he knows that Madvillain (aka MF Doom aka Danger Doom aka Viktor Vaughn) is one of the illest MC’s ever to strap on a metal mask. He’s almost in his own league if you ask me, I can’t even compare him to anyone else. His flow is crazy, at first it sounds like words jumbled together just because they rhyme, but the more you listen they’ll start to make more sense than you thought. This is not new news, but maybe somebody out there is hearing about this for the first time. Who knows. Music, just like bmx, is best with a good variety. Part 2 coming soon.

I swear to god this is the best Youtube video I’ve ever seen.

For more just search Youtube, almost everything is up there. And yep that makes 2 rap post in a row for me.

Derek Adams

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