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  • Shitty Garfield’s Revenge

    A DIY BMX event in Richmond Va.- photos by Matt Hovermale! A Community event organized and supported by these Friendly Bicycle Maniacs- FBM Bike Co. DIG BMX Profile Racing Powers Bike Shop RADshare HOT BOX RVA Richmond BMX Hooligan BMX

  • Over 150 photos of the FBM Crew on tour…

    Some random photos of the FBM crew on tour, visiting folks, bike shops, riding spots, at events, jams, truck stops, parking lots and loitering in most places in-between here, there and nowhere in particular…

  • 9000 feet

    Tucked in the mountains of Summit County Colorado, dating back to the mining rush in the 1800’s, lies a spot of precious valuable resource unlike anything else dug from the ground. Frisco- and some serious jumps, set to a wild mountain back drop. These photos are from a Recent trip with the FBM crew, all… Continue reading

  • Holding People

    50 or so well known BMXers… Being held, around the globe. Matt Hoffman, Ron Wilkerson, Daniel Dhers, Sean Emery, Chad Degroot, Ryan Nyquist, Rob and Charlie Tibbs, Corey Martinez, Ian Morris, Aaron Ross, Trey Jones, Tyson Jones- Peni, Chad Osburn, John Lee, John Corts, Kaleb Bolton, Dennis McCoy, Darryl Nau, Official Big Boy, Brian Venable,… Continue reading

  • Generational Madness- 25 Years of POSH

    Photos from the 25 year anniversary of POSH Woods, showcasing the faces of several generations of dedicated bicycle DIY enthusiasts…

  • My Own Reality

    My Own Reality from Kenny Horton on Vimeo. Video by Kenny Horton featuring Santana AKA Miguel Esparza

  • Abandoned summer…

    An abandoned 16 foot deep pool deep in the woods of Carolina serves as a perfect tourist destination for offbeat travelers, repurposing an abandoned dream for a summer afternoon. Very little information exists about this park, except that it opened somewhere around 1925 and closed before the end of the summer season in August of… Continue reading

  • Lost Bowl Rumble

    DIY Wrestling, or backyard fundraiser extraordinaire? Either way, the Lost Bowl goes off! Photos courtesy of Tyler Brady and Steve Crandall Build Your Own Fun!

  • Rebuilding a dream

    Sometime around 1989, this 6 foot tall 8 food wide ramp appeared behind the backyard of Mike Tag’s parent’s place, perfectly fashioned with all its design flaws from 3/4” ply and whatever wood was laying in his Dad’s barn. Built with out ramp plans, and ridden in the same manner, we learned some early lessons… Continue reading

  • Upstate Fun

    Scenes from FBM Fun in upstate NY as seen by Tom Beckman! Check out More here!