Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.

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Nü Metallica

It's good to see that Metallica just keeps getting better and more refined with age. I thought they might start to go downhill after Reload, ... read more

Road Trip!

Summer will be here soon. Start planning a road trip now. read more


I'm not sure what's up with the Daily Ops, it hasn't worked in a couple days. We'll look into it. Until then enjoy this random ... read more

Daredevils and Real Backflips

Much like everyone else in the bmx blogosphere I was lurkin' around on this weekend, rediscovering some bmx classics. I saw Road Fools 1 ... read more

I thought one of our other minions would have posted this by now, but looks like I get the honors. We're not trying to chase ... read more

Here For Kicks

Double Darryl from HFK posted this sweet photo of Mark Mulville in our forum. That also lead me to the Here For Kicks website which ... read more

The Bagger Mark Experience

Today I was riding around town and realized that the Statue of Liberty mascot outside of this accounting office was actually Bagger Mark from the ... read more

Who’s Behind The Least Most?

This is probably the number one question I've been asked since this website launched. Who's doing it? I admit it has been kind of a ... read more

Photo Feature: Fit @ Ray’s

Fit Bike Co. along with S&M held their annual dealer appreciation jam at Ray's MTB Park last weekend. Van Homan arranged for Fit to pick ... read more

Dyno Dino

I said I'd cool it on the old school pics, but I had to share this never-seen-before photo of Dino Deluca from 1987. And what ... read more

Best Wedding Photo Ever

This didn't make the cut for my Van Homan interview in January because it's a blurry iPhone photo of a photo, but it's still worth ... read more

Lightning Fast

Deuce showed me this and I had to repost it. I was laughing the whole time so I'm going to give you the keys to ... read more