Photo Feature: Fit @ Ray’s

Fit Bike Co. along with S&M held their annual dealer appreciation jam at Ray’s MTB Park last weekend. Van Homan arranged for Fit to pick up the tab for us to go ride/film/party so we rented a 15 passenger van and loaded it up with Fit supporters from PA & NJ. My task was to shoot photos but I knew it was going to be difficult to keep me off my bike long enough to get anything substantial. I mean this is the Disneyland of bike parks we’re talking about, there’s an endless amount of obstacles to play on. I did manage to get a few photos while almost getting run over 100 times in the process. Click the numbers below to flip through them. And check out Ray’s if you can, it’s way better to ride than to look at.

Van Homan tearing up the hip in Ray’s rhythm room. Lookback and 270 turndown.

Newest Fit flow rider, Brendon Reith, bunnyhop over the wall down into the pump roller.

Dan Conway’s moustache, downside whip in the Subaruoom.

Josh Fry, bunnyhop wallride over some sticks.

Randy Brown, transfer from the S&M MTB course into the Fit pump track.

Gannwear was the designated 2×4 beer chugger during the shop team race through the rhythm course. The race wasn’t over until the chugger pounded an entire PBR. In the end 2×4 came in a close second. Where’s Cody Jennings when you need him?

Jeremy Ball, not your average school teacher.

Van Homan, yes we can. Ray’s rhythm room.

Randy Brown, nosewheelie. Focusing is overrated.

I thought I’d leave you with Fit’s Flickr slideshow and this photo of Mike McHue’s license plate. McHue is Fit and S&M’s crazy ass sales rep in Ohio and this license plate is on a vehicle that looks like an undercover police car, spot light and everything.

Bonus! Here’s Van Homan’s favorite song from the trip, this must have played 1000 times on the drive out. Van loves it. Sing it to him next time you see him.

Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.