The Bagger Mark Experience

Today I was riding around town and realized that the Statue of Liberty mascot outside of this accounting office was actually Bagger Mark from the Howard Stern Show. Besides being a member of Howard Stern’s wack pack, Mark has been in a couple of Bam Margera movie productions including “Where The F**k is Santa” and the recently released “Minghags” where he plays a main character. Big Daddy even worked as Mark’s stunt double in Minghags and did a big flip to flat dressed as the Bagger (see first clip below). I thought I would share some funny Bagger Mark clips as homage to the hardest partying little dude in my home town.

Here’s the clip from Minghags where Big Daddy does a flip dressed as Bagger Mark (at 1:42). Go buy Minghags so I don’t feel bad about embedding these unauthorized clips. This clip is also the only reason I made this a bike feature on the site (I was also contemplating tagging it adventure and art).

Big Daddy getting the Bagger treatment.

Mark on the Howard Stern show, part 1 of 6.

I threw this in here because my friend Joe Frantz is the one playing the school teacher. It’s funny because he went to college to be a school teacher, then decided to follow his dream of film making. Now he directs movies and tv shows for Bam. I was once in a band with Joe and he can sing exactly like Danzig (a lesser known fact).

Bagger in full party mode.

Howard Stern Show prank call to Mark. This one is funny too and there’s a bunch more on Youtube.

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