Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.

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Clicked Mash Up

Seen on the forum. I love simple edits where you can tell dudes were having fun just doing what they do, for some reason that ... read more

Dang Dang

Dang. Go to for more videos. read more

Thumbs Up

My friend Bob actually went to the store and bought music. What a maniac. As a result I got a bunch of tunes for free. ... read more

From The Forum

More fuel for the stoke game via Mike Cottle. Mark Mulville gettin sideways. read more

Turntable Bike

Jason Sherry - TIME SPACE TRIALS - Art Project from Matt Hoyt - Wormwood Films on Vimeo. read more

The Search for Baco 5

  I saw this news about The Turf on the internet last week and it reminded me of seeing Dave Freimuth shredding this place on his ... read more

The Birth of Long Air?

I saw today on the blogosphere/tweetosphere that it was "Colin Winklemann Jump Something Big Day". Okay we can try, but I still don't think anybody ... read more

Believe The Hype

Bmxfeed Video is evolving every day. Jason just did another update to fit more videos, so I'm putting on my Flavor Flav clock again to ... read more

Seen on Bmxfeed Video

I checked out the bmxfeed video page again today and sure enough it works! I found this little trail video from Bicycle Union that I ... read more

Bmxfeed Video?, everybody's favorite bmx news service, just launched a new feature the bmxfeed video page. It works magically (through rss) to pull the newest videos ... read more

Let’s Get Mystical

I'm still blown away by how good this whole video looks. Great job Joe Simon & Mutiny. Here's the PA section because I have to ... read more

Originality… alive and well in bmx. read more