Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.

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New BBarnhart Photo Site

Brian Barnhart from TLP just redesigned and updated his photo site. Peep that at read more

After Dinner Smoke with Paul Horan

As a follow up to Jailhouse Cuisine parts one and two, Paul shows you how to light up an after dinner smoke without matches, a ... read more

Jailhouse Cuisine 2

Here is Paul Horan's follow up to Jailhouse Cuisine Part 1. He learned some ingenious ways to fill his belly while inside the belly of ... read more

Heavy Metal Grandpa

I know metal music is for old people, but this is ridiculous! Also see this video. read more

Nick Fetchko Tribute Video

nick fetchko tribute vid from woods on Vimeo. read more

Biker Fox

If you want a good laugh check out It's the website of a guy who legally changed his name to Biker Fox (yes, fox ... read more

Travis Pastrana’s New BMX Course?

This image was floating around on the Facebook. Apparently it's Travis Pastrana's new BMX section, which may or may not be the handy work of ... read more

Outside The Box

Tim Knoll BMX from tim knoll on Vimeo. This looks like it's already been around a couple of days, but I love watching this guy ride ... read more

Japanther Music Video by Joe Stakun

Japanther Spread So Thin from BAD BREAKS on Vimeo. Joe Stakun just released this new video that he directed for Japanther's "Spread So Thin". It's totally ... read more

Almost Awesome Commercial

I don't have Fuel TV but I saw this commercial on Youtube this morning. It was an awesome idea right up until they chose to ... read more

It’s Gucci Time

VBS just posted this recent interview with Gucci Mane. Watch a nerdy white guy from NY as he tries to relate to the icy rapper ... read more

Dick Maul’s

Dick Maul's Web Edit from babysabbath on Vimeo. Dick Maul's is one of the coolest bmx shops in the country. Y'all betta recognize... read more