I Love My Bicycle

Last year at the Bicycle Film Festival, Joe Stakun premiered his documentary of FBM Bike Company aptly titled – “I Love My Bicycle”. Since then Joe has been involved in some cool projects, and agreed to let Least Most host the movie for a moment online, for people that haven’t seen it or found a copy of the DVD.

What have you been doing since you finished I Love My Bicycle?
I’ve been relaxing and sort of brainstorming new video projects. I’ve started doing a lot more stand up comedy and comedy performances which has been really fun. I’m also working on a new music video for the band Japanther which I’m very excited about. There’s some BMX shots hidden in there. I’m really proud about the way it’s looking, I think folks are gonna be into it. It should hopefully be out in a month or so.

What did you learn while making this movie?
I definitely cut my teeth with this film. I learned a ton about the process. Because the film was basically a one man production until post I was juggling logging existing footage while booking new interviews, while getting in touch with bands and record label to confirm music. And of course being in touch with Steve Crandall on what photos and video I could get my hands on. So I guess in a nutshell just being in touch with everyone while still focusing on content was what I learned most about.

What were you favorite parts of the process?
Everything was awesome. I can only hope that the fun I had while making this film is typical every time you make a film, and if that’s not the case that’s my goal. I can’t pinpoint a favorite part really. I got to meet so many people in BMX and music that I respect and look up to. I also got to witness sights like the FBM Ghetto Big Air and the Nacho Jumping Contest both with Mat Hoffman. Insane. I’m still enjoying the process by having folks come up to me and say they liked the film, or other folks that want to set up screenings in their towns. I’ve been most amazed by the incredible minds and talent that came together to make the film possible.

Whats next?
I’d just like to keep the ball rolling. I met so many incredible people workin on ILMB. The more I meet people the more I’m finding out everybody’s connected. It was a good feeling to have so many people involved in a film, and some of them may not really know any of the others, but now they are all connected by this movie. So I’ve sort of been working on another documentary that works with this idea. Just idea’s and emails at this point. I also hope to continue and keep up my work with music videos. I’d really like to do everything in every direction. Who knows!

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.