Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.

Posts from Steve:

Juice Bowl Invitational

The DIY World Championship Series was created with the simple idea of building your own fun – and sharing it. Through loosely organized jams, we ... read more

Faces of Stoke!

Portraits of weekend stoke with Drop In at the Juice Bowl! Check out more goodness at the Larama Project! read more

I locked my keys in the car in the Florida keys…

I drove about a thousand miles down the east coast and ended up at a tourist campground in the Florida keys, at a marina, frazzled, ... read more

Hull Street Blues…

I live in a rough part of town, in an old school bus, in-between two shipping containers. I had previously lived across the alley from ... read more

Florida Excursion

Following Interstate 95 south, for an East Coast cold weather reprieve, Florida proved to be fruitful in it's riding spots, hospitable hosts, and sunshine to ... read more

Richmond Dirt

For many riders, dirt jumps are the essence of BMX - the original DIY approach to emulating motocross on a bicycle. No two dirt jump ... read more

Here In My Van…

Tap the starter with a ball-peen hammer, spray some ether in the intake, jimmy the flat head screw driver in the ignition, and start it ... read more

Three eighteen

When My friends and I were teenagers, we rode bikes behind Pritchard Dodge on Cayuga St. It had a couple of basically convex paved wedges, ... read more

Ride for Ron

"What can we do?" The BMX community reacted quickly to the bad news regarding Ron McDonald's health. Fundraisers, t-shirt sales, a benefit race--even people that ... read more

Hallman Archives circa 96

Another time, Another place... Photos by Chris Hallman, unearthed by Groundchuck and Murphy Lee! read more

Backwoods Relic…

Northeast relics of gnar, weekend country club getaway with Clint Reynolds, Eric Hennessey, Tobias Petinelli, Ever Peacock, Derrick Girard and more- as seen ... read more

Fun Bro

More Fun in the New World... Widely considered the Charley (from the 1962 travelogue written by American author John Steinbeck) of BMX and skateboarding, Scott ... read more