Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.

Posts from Steve:

Steady Rollin- The movie

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Drinking Black Coffee

"Drinking black coffee, staring at the wall..." Check out this Video by Kenny Hoton as well as photos from an Art Show with Steve Crandall in ... read more

A Black Flag

I stepped onto the runway of the somewhat rustic airport in Djibouti, with Rooftop right behind me saying 'Welcome to Fuckin Africa' - as I ... read more

Motor Hotel

After A long drive, it’s the kind of place, like an oasis, or a mirage in the desert, that just reached out to you ... read more

Killin Dreams…

A couple moments from the fifth annual Maiden America tour, captured by Travis Mortz... read more


Group efforts yield the best results... DIY doesn't mean by yourself. This photo essay FBM DIY World Championships at Powers Bike Shop in Richmond Va. says ... read more

Pure Fun Keep

PFK - Pure Fun Keep from Phil Jackson: Photo / Film on Vimeo. The spot is no longer, but this video Honda Shozu's PFK (Pure Fun ... read more


A weekend of photos starting at Berkely Springs West Virginia DIY and making it's way with the FBM crew to Front Royal! Shot by Matt Hovermale! read more

A Full Moonday in Scituate

Fun, friends, bikes and a blood moon with Cody Diggs, the Halahans and a solid crew on a summer day in Scituate Rhode Island... Build your ... read more

FBM Open House Photos!

25 years, one afternoon, a thousand words or more in Ithaca New York for a small celebration of the spirit of fun! Photos of the FBM ... read more

Vert Disqualifiers

The Zoo, DMC, Jamie Cooper Ellis and Clint Reynolds on the woodward Vert Ramp trying to qualify for X-Games Cafeteria food.... read more

Keep It Rollin…

Curtis Cantwell and the Keep It Rolling crew have been working hard on their big video project '440 Volts'. In conjunction with the video’s ... read more