The Search for Baco 5

 I saw this news about The Turf on the internet last week and it reminded me of seeing Dave Freimuth shredding this place on his bmx. I couldn’t remember which video it was in, and after some in-depth probing on the internet I still couldn’t find it. This led me to contact Mr. Freimuth himself who confirmed it was definitely in Baco 5 (aka Homosexuals).

“…yeah, that Turf story is crazy. i guess they didn’t have the bowls cleaned out for long before the city shut it down. that place is a freakin landmark. prob one of the last in the world. well, i guess it WAS one of the last. it’s funny, you were like the 5th person to mention that and the old Baco parts to me… thanks for remind me of some great times!”

I don’t think Dave is going to be the first person to rush out and upload Baco 5 to the web, so I’m calling on all you oldheads out there to look though your VHS collection to find it. This one should definitely be added to It’s called “Homosexuals” for god’s sake. This is a piece of bmx history that needs to be shared. If you can find it contact me at I want to see it again. Thanks…

Check out this skate footage from The Turf. The place looked so sick, hopefully it gets resurrected some day.

Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.