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Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.

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Heavy Metal Figure Skating

Figure skating with battle axes to Van Homan's epic Stay & Destroy video part song? Awesome. I saw this on Metal Sucks via @superlewman. If ... read more

I Am A Motherf***er

No that's not the name of the next FBM video, but it could be. This is the story of Thomas Bruso also known as Epic ... read more

Hangin’ Tuff

I swear I'm not going to keep posting a bunch of recycled old school news, the New Kids probably don't give a damn, but nobody ... read more

Torqued, Stretched, and Clicked

Here's a scan from a late 80's Freestylin' mag that my friend Bob sent over. He also has some never seen before home movie footage ... read more

Snowboarding For Dummies

The other night when yet another blizzard hit the northeast, my friend Mike and I wanted to get out and snowboard. But we were too ... read more

King Shit

Some of you may remember Dave Carnie from Big Brother magazine. I've always loved his work, he's hilarious. I stumbled upon his new site King ... read more

BMX Bike of the Future

I saw this on today. Hubs are out, but apparently tall seatposts, chicago bars, single tube frames, and uniblade forks are back in. Get ... read more

Best Invention Ever

I saw this commercial last night when I was half asleep. I almost thought I dreamed it until I saw it again today. I mean ... read more

Skids & Wheelies

Speaking of zines here's the cover of Van Homan's first zine, Skids & Wheelies, from December 1996. This issue featured NJ local legend Gary Thorpe ... read more

Don’t Be Reatarded

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. RIP Jay Reatard. read more

Ginch and Gincher

This seems to be the big one for today. Get into it. read more

Something Different

read more