Web Video Reviews in 10 Words or Less.

Occasionally in Holeshot I do a feature called “Reviews in 5 Words”. I didn’t invent the idea, in fact I’m pretty sure I stole it from The Factsheet 5 Reader. A zine I have never seen, only heard about from the depths of, hold on while I cringe before I say this, zine culture. Being that it’s pretty fun to describe something in so few words, I decided to apply this method to reviewing web videos. I picked a bunch from TheComeUp, Defgrip, and a few other sites. I only picked edits that were less than a week old (I think) and not a trailer for anything. Although I did break that rule, as well as the 10 word or less rule, once. Enjoy.

1. Chase Hawk “How-To Moto-Whip”

Amazing. Watch out for the impostors this week though.

2. Travis Kiesow Vital Edit

Travis Kiesow Edit – More BMX Videos

John Hick’s Barspin gap was sweet.

3. Miles Rogoish “Welcome to Osiris Pro”

Miles Rogoish on Osiris Pro from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

Where the D3’s? Should’ve used Limp Bizkit instead of Cam.

4. Balazs Ivanfi WethePeople Videorama (?)

wethepeople videorama 2010 – Balazs Ivanfi (HU) from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.


5. S&M “Shoot The Moon”

Ahhhhhh. Butthead style. Just how S&M should be. Sick wallrides.

6. Cult “Get Laced”

No disrespect but, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT????????

7. THAW Video by Agus

“My Dehart whips are so dope.” Thanks to Dah Streets for this one. It’s gonna be a legend in web video history.

8. Sexton & Tocco Kink Edit

Sean Sexton-Darryl Tocco Kink Commercial. from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

VIMEO user Shannon Allan says “one of the most stylist edits ive ever saw”. (way over 10, but not really.)

9. Joe Dodd Leaf Cycles

Joe Dodd, riding for Leaf Cycles. Produced by Oliver Smith from CTN Imports on Vimeo.

Good but too slick. Looks like some weird Apple trailer.

10. Brian Castillo “BMX Inferno”

What? Who cares, watch this again and enjoy something today.