Bowling with the Devil

Yesterday was the PA woods benefit jam at Penn Skate. I cruised up to check out the scene and ride the Little Devil bowl where it now resides. Besides being in a desperate need for some fresh paint it’s as fast and fun as ever. There was one group of riders that really stood out to me and it turned out to be a group of 4 brothers (the Pud Brothers as Dave King so affectionately calls them). They had all the lines and all the style. This is Sam Dorward, the oldest Pud Brother, with a one handed flattie at height. I only broke out the camera for a minute before he dropped in and blasted this. Then I just put it away, satisfied that I got the best shot I was probably going to get that night. But this is not the last you’ll see of Sam or his brothers, I guarantee. You can’t fly under the radar for long when you go this high.

Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.