I’m not even going to e-mail Jason to post this, I’m just going to post it myself. Blatant self promotion? You know it. But since we did the Footwork bonus edit with Least Most it’s only appropriate the full video gets posted here. If you haven’t seen it yet, click play and get ready to smile…

“Footwork”, a bmx video presented by Orchid Footwear. Filmed by Ryan Navazio, edited by Derek Adams, visual fx by Josh Clancy. Starring Brian Hunt, Wiz, Brian Histand, Dave Krone, Micky Marshall, Dan Conway, Randy Brown, Van Homan, Niki Croft, and friends. Filmed around eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Originally released on DVD in April 2011. Running time 20 minutes.

Derek Adams

Orchid Footwear head hancho. Lover of beer, iphones and backflips.