Slayer x Gucci?

A lot of people have asked me who did this Dre remix for the credit section in Footwork. It’s from a Chicago based duo known as The Hood Internet who do mashups of rap and indie songs. They’ve done hundreds of remixes, a lot of them are awesome while many others get rejected and never make it to their mixtapes. If you check out their Soundcloud you’ll find a ton of recent tracks to listen to.

My personal favorites right now are these 2 rap/metal rejects. I’ve made my disdain for rap metal known before, but I like these for their sheer ridiculousness. Slayer x Gucci Mane? Waka Flocka x Pelican? Too funny.

The Hood Internet – Raining Bricks (Gucci Mane x Slayer) by hoodinternet

Waka Flocka Flame x The Hood Internet – TTG (Trained To Go) x Pelican by hoodinternet

PS: if Soundcloud isn’t working you can listen to Raining Bricks here and TTG here on Youtube.

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