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DIY North Bay

Some of my old friends from the land of Hydro Depots and viticulture have taken things into their own hands and started building shredable obstacles on an old foundation. Of course it helps that a legitimate concrete mason who skates is involved in the process, but that hasn’t stopped everybody from pitching in. from crackheads who pick up beer cans to dogs who chase away seagulls that shit on the trannies, shit is fire. Plus they even got ahold of the owner and got permission so crack a beer and get out the mud tub

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This is a drink I invented several years ago and despite its simplicity, deliciousness, and alcohol content, it still has yet to sweep the masses. It’s called “Thanksgiving”, it involves 2 parts E & J Brandy, (maybe 3 for the in-laws) and 1 part carbonated Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. Some of you might be skeptical, but it really is delicious. Pour over ice if desired, get drunk. Happy hollidaze

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Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique makes rap music the only way he knows how: brutal, honest, intelligent, and always eye-opening. If any musician is being targeted for assassination by the CIA, it his him. Political at times, but always the humanitarian, his new free album is no different. The first day it was out over 200,000 people downloaded it, and crashed his label’s website. Born in Peru, raised in Harlem, revered worldwide, Technique is respected in the rap community not just for his skills, but for his honesty and realness. Recently working with a humanitarian group he donated his own money and helped raise over $60,000 to build an orphanage in Afghanistan, which he recently went and visited.

Now he is the topic of a documentary chronicling his touring, his humanitarian work and his outlook on music and social issues. Check the trailer http://youtu.be/LiSE-H-p3oQ

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School for the Blindman

Detroit’s Bronze Nazareth dropped his second full length “School for the Blindman” recently and it is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. Taking his name from the “18 Bronzemen” kung-fu flick and the Nazareth as in the teacher/prophet Jesus of Nazareth. This former Rza protege handles all of the production in a way you would expect a Wu-affiliate would: sparse drums, smooth catchy samples, and an all around great soundtrack to the equally impressive lyrics, teaching blindmen all the lessons they need to know. Joining him on the tracks includes Killah Priest, Rza, Wisemen, Canibus and Masta Killa and Inspectah Deck, go pick it up

One of the best tracks on the album

If you’ve ever lost a friend or family member to addiction then this will make you think of them

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Honkey Kong


Connecticut’s claim to rap fame, Apathy has been destroying the mic for quite awhile now. He just released his third official album, Honkey Kong and its his best to date. All of the guest spots kill it, but Apathy is far from being outshined even by heavy hitters like Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, Xzibit, Slaine and Celph Titled. He brings the early 90s spirit back to the rap game over production from DJ Premier, DJ Muggs and others. Front to back the album is solid, pick it up and support real hiphop

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Heavy Metal Kings

Underground rap heavy weights Ill Bill (Non-Phixion)and Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) just put out a collaborative album and it is fucking brutal. Metal heads might ask how can rappers give their album such a title? Well they have beats that make you want to punch a cop in the face with brass knuckles, they got lyrics that cover the gambit of normal death metal subject matter: Death and violence, Satanism, religion, conspiracys, brutality etc. and they got plenty of metal references and song titles such as “King Diamond” and “Age of Quarrel”

“I drank a quart of blood inside a Buddha chalice/ I took the head off of Kennedy from a roof in Dallas/ I wish that Ron Paul ran again/ If not then Im a have to take the lead like Jeff Hanneman/ ya’ll fallin for the trap again/ 38 leave your fucking body like a mannequin
“This is heavy metal kings, hard body shit sniffin white/ I’m concerned with dying ya’ll concerned with living life/ I’m in the church of Anton while ya’ll kissing Christ/ You ain’t fucking around with Billie or with Vincent Price”

This video is straight satanic

The album title comes from a song these guys recorded a few years ago that TERROR did a remix of peep it

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R.I.P Nate Dogg

Hip-hop lost yet another endearing figure, as Nate Dogg passed away Tuesday in California. Hooks will never be the same and being a gangsta will never sound so smooth, good things all doggs go to heaven

How other hip-hop titans have reacted

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Vallejo vs Biggie

The first city to declare bankruptcy, this grimy Bay Area “little itty bitty city by the water” has only 112,000 residents but has produced multiple Platinum selling gangster rappers.
E-40 is one of the more nationally known artists, slang inventor, entrepreneur and was at one time was disrespected by Biggie. No disrespect to Big, as yesterday was the 14th anniversary of his death, R.I.P., but this is straight from the Bigger then Life, Biggie documentary. Biggie’s crew breaks it down how E-40 squashed beef before it got bad.


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New Slayer Song?

Jeff Hanneman has flesh-eating bacteria in his arm, reportedly from a spider bite that has required a hospital stay, and has taken him out of a upcoming Slayer tour. Slightly ironic given the name of the disease necrotizing fasciitis, and Slayer’s favorite subject matter. i hope it doesn’t affect his solos
Get well soon Jeff

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Super crazy happy fun juice

I know the energy malt liquor craze has come and gone thanks to the FDA and drunk frat boys, there is a drink however that still exists and puts Joose and 4 loko to shame. I call it the get loose juice. First buy a pint of Royal Gate vodka for $3.00. Then go to your local shady Thai fish market, right behind the bananas and snakehead fish should be the Thai Red Bull. Red Bull was originally a Thai recipie until a white person modified the ingredients and made the drink soft enough so people would buy it. Well the real Thai shit still exists and it gets you joosed. For only 1 dollar you can can get tweeked too mix it with vodka and you have the best 4 dollars you ever spent in your life.
It even has ingredients listed in english on the back but one of them is catheropositol, and that name comes up with zero matches on Google, even spelled different it seems this ingredient doesn’t exist. I have a suspicion it is an ephedra based chemical that was banned from energy drinks in the early 2000s due to the fact you can cook crank out of it, and people who drank to much would have heart attacks….god damn tweekers and pussies ruin it for everyone else

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R.I.P. Mac Dre

Besides being a day full of regrets and hangovers, November 1 is also the day that Mac Dre was killed in Kansas City in 2004. Bay Area legend and royalty, lets keep his memory alive with some Backwood smoke, pop the heen and pop you a theen.
With a career that lasted 20 years, he went to prison for 5 of them for not being a snitch and came back more popular than ever. The first rapper to record an album from prison, one of the first to be on America’s Most Wanted (the other, Filthy Phil was also from the Bay Area but that’s another story), and the first to have his face on extacy pills. That in itself is a testament to the style of psychedelic drug-laden gangsta rap he helped invent. Slang inventor, entrepreneur, comedian, there’s a lot to say to those who don’t already know about his legacy, but he helped put Northern California on so I can only let the music speak for itself. Check the episode of American Gangsta that features his gang/record label.

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Don’t Get Caught Sleepin

A bunch of great hip-hop has dropped in the last few months, don’t get caught sleepin

Celph Titled’s debut, even though he has been shitting on the game for over 10 years. All production from D.I.T.C. member Buckwild. All beats were made in the mid-90’s and never used, Celph dusted them off and blessed them with some lyrics that got that classic rap feel. Punchlines, witty wordplay, story telling, the whole 9. Quality shit

Ill Bill and Steven King Mixtape: Fathers of Violence. Some old songs, remixes and some new shit. Brooklyn in the crack era.

West Coast underground legend Ras Kass dropped ADIDAS. All day I dream about spittin. Some songs hit better than others, but all around Ras shows his skills have only got better.

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