Super crazy happy fun juice

I know the energy malt liquor craze has come and gone thanks to the FDA and drunk frat boys, there is a drink however that still exists and puts Joose and 4 loko to shame. I call it the get loose juice. First buy a pint of Royal Gate vodka for $3.00. Then go to your local shady Thai fish market, right behind the bananas and snakehead fish should be the Thai Red Bull. Red Bull was originally a Thai recipie until a white person modified the ingredients and made the drink soft enough so people would buy it. Well the real Thai shit still exists and it gets you joosed. For only 1 dollar you can can get tweeked too mix it with vodka and you have the best 4 dollars you ever spent in your life.
It even has ingredients listed in english on the back but one of them is catheropositol, and that name comes up with zero matches on Google, even spelled different it seems this ingredient doesn’t exist. I have a suspicion it is an ephedra based chemical that was banned from energy drinks in the early 2000s due to the fact you can cook crank out of it, and people who drank to much would have heart attacks….god damn tweekers and pussies ruin it for everyone else