Heavy Metal Kings

Underground rap heavy weights Ill Bill (Non-Phixion)and Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) just put out a collaborative album and it is fucking brutal. Metal heads might ask how can rappers give their album such a title? Well they have beats that make you want to punch a cop in the face with brass knuckles, they got lyrics that cover the gambit of normal death metal subject matter: Death and violence, Satanism, religion, conspiracys, brutality etc. and they got plenty of metal references and song titles such as “King Diamond” and “Age of Quarrel”

“I drank a quart of blood inside a Buddha chalice/ I took the head off of Kennedy from a roof in Dallas/ I wish that Ron Paul ran again/ If not then Im a have to take the lead like Jeff Hanneman/ ya’ll fallin for the trap again/ 38 leave your fucking body like a mannequin
“This is heavy metal kings, hard body shit sniffin white/ I’m concerned with dying ya’ll concerned with living life/ I’m in the church of Anton while ya’ll kissing Christ/ You ain’t fucking around with Billie or with Vincent Price”

This video is straight satanic

The album title comes from a song these guys recorded a few years ago that TERROR did a remix of peep it