Don’t Get Caught Sleepin

A bunch of great hip-hop has dropped in the last few months, don’t get caught sleepin
Celph Titled’s debut, even though he has been shitting on the game for over 10 years. All production from D.I.T.C. member Buckwild. All beats were made in the mid-90’s and never used, Celph dusted them off and blessed them with some lyrics that got that classic rap feel. Punchlines, witty wordplay, story telling, the whole 9. Quality shit

Ill Bill and Steven King Mixtape: Fathers of Violence. Some old songs, remixes and some new shit. Brooklyn in the crack era.

West Coast underground legend Ras Kass dropped ADIDAS. All day I dream about spittin. Some songs hit better than others, but all around Ras shows his skills have only got better.