R.I.P. Mac Dre

Besides being a day full of regrets and hangovers, November 1 is also the day that Mac Dre was killed in Kansas City in 2004. Bay Area legend and royalty, lets keep his memory alive with some Backwood smoke, pop the heen and pop you a theen.
With a career that lasted 20 years, he went to prison for 5 of them for not being a snitch and came back more popular than ever. The first rapper to record an album from prison, one of the first to be on America’s Most Wanted (the other, Filthy Phil was also from the Bay Area but that’s another story), and the first to have his face on extacy pills. That in itself is a testament to the style of psychedelic drug-laden gangsta rap he helped invent. Slang inventor, entrepreneur, comedian, there’s a lot to say to those who don’t already know about his legacy, but he helped put Northern California on so I can only let the music speak for itself. Check the episode of American Gangsta that features his gang/record label.