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Morning light reveals…

The man in the guardhouse grimaces, 'You guys are crazy, it's going to be below freezing tonight. What the heck are you doing here?" 'Uhh, camping ... read more

Eric Hennessey in Santa Cruz

A sailor of the asphalt seas- Every 2 to 24 months we are graced with a visit from Eric Hennessey. Sometimes described as a man without ... read more


Photos by Jackson Allen and Brian Barnhart.Words by Jackson Allen. Year after year, with the occasional break for bouts of frailty, we have been donning our ... read more


2013 was the driest calendar year on record in California's dry and violent history. As we crested 2013 and slid into 2014 we wondered if ... read more

Some things change. Some stay the same.

A day off. Three friends. Vague destination. Perfect Weather. Some gas money. Sandwiches and sodas. Guy French. Lengthy launch. Just before we took this photo Andy ... read more

Dirty Thirty

I hate famous quotes. But I love Mark Twain and the thing about Mark Twain is that he might be the most undeniably quotable sonofabitch ... read more

Guess and Check in Texas

Years ago I inherited one of my grandfathers old film cameras. It mostly bounced around with him on hunting and skiing trips, to Wyoming, Utah ... read more

Getting Sick on the Road

This trip is not ground breaking or glamorous but it means something different to each of us. To Mike it is the second annual trip ... read more

Build Your Own Fun: Tristan Adams. Davis, CA.

What've you been up to lately? I know Davis can be blazing hot in the summer, you managing to stay cool? This summer hasn't been too ... read more

Henn SC

This photo of Eric Hennessey was taken at 9am in Santa Cruz on a Thursday about a half hour after he built his bike in ... read more

329 Trailhead Way

While I am sure my friend Jeff enjoys living in the 21st century, I think he would have done fine no matter when he was ... read more

Are we having fun yeti?

The Fun Yetis left Sasquatch Canyon in search of wintertime sun and puns. Riders in order of appearance: Joey Chernoff, Jackson Allen, Andy Maguire, Chris ... read more