Jackson Allen

Dirt mound enthusiast. Amateur blogger. Professional hot mess.

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Bikers’ Dozen

11 shots from a roll of film that span a month's time and 3 bicycle events: Pedalfest in Oakland, Halloween Jam in Santa Cruz and ... read more

The Long and Short of It

This year our friend Brandon Eckles, king of Caliwumpus, asked us to contribute to the DVD he was making. He visited and we went on ... read more

The CNYN: Notes from the Field

Old scraps, second angles and a few new maneuvers from the boys at the Canyon. In order of appearance: Jackson Allen, Tristan Adams, Nathan Parker, ... read more


One of my favorite things to watch is people riding a set of trails for the first time. Stringing together a few jumps that you ... read more

Caliwumpus at Atascadero

Photos courtesy of Chris Riesner, words by Jackson Allen When we showed up at the contest at noon, Brandon Eckles was hoarsely shouting into the microphone, ... read more


I always have weekdays off from my job and make a point of spending at least one of them taking it easy with my dog ... read more

Trails and Tribulations: Itching to Ride

Fifteen percent of the population is lucky enough to be born without an allergy to urushiol, the active ingredient in poison oak, ivy and sumac. ... read more

Mike Hernandez

When I moved to Santa Cruz ten years ago I didn’t know a single person that rode bikes. Slowly I met people and tagged along ... read more

ATX to PHX to SC

When I heard that Anthem would be premiering in Austin I seriously contemplated flying down there. Work was slow, tickets cheap and the idea of ... read more

Sasquatch Canyon: The 22 Counties

My work always ends in August and when it does I make a point of going on a trip for at least a couple weeks. ... read more