Bikers’ Dozen

11 shots from a roll of film that span a month’s time and 3 bicycle events: Pedalfest in Oakland, Halloween Jam in Santa Cruz and the SF Bike Expo.

Brandon York gets so many flats that he is pretty used to carrying his bike around. Pre-Pedalfest.

Pedalfest had all kinds of bikes on hand. Chopper and matching jeans.

Father and daughter on a giant penny farthing. Cute.

Nathan Parker and Elsie Tuttle crossing the tracks.

We stopped by Alameda after pedalfest and braved a strange mix of skaters, scooters, fixed gears and bmxers with mixed results. Mike Jonas bought two of these sherbert bars and ate them back to back.

Santa Cruz Bike Park, Halloween Jam. Colby aka Yosemite Sam aka Lincoln Hawk with Justine.

Crazy Chris dressed up as "breakfast". Ron Wilkerson looks on.


Dusty, Cat Seiver and Hunter S. Thompson

Jeff Herbertson, Frontflip S.F. Bike Expo

Kurt "The Muscle" Russel, hip boost. S.F. Bike Expo

Jackson Allen

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