One of my favorite things to watch is people riding a set of trails for the first time. Stringing together a few jumps that you have never ridden before is a feeling that you only get a few chances at and a feeling worth chasing for the rest of your life. I love seeing visitors come to the trails and get to the bottom of the hill with huge smiles and high fives from the locals.

Last week, Tristan Adams and Steve Perjanik came to Santa Cruz to ride the trails for a few days and this is some visual evidence of them adapting quickly. No flashes, just some shot-from-the-hip photos of some visitors enjoying the trails.

Tristan Adams. rides whatever you put in front of him well, but when you see him ride trails you realize where his heart lies. Whip at height.

Tristan, kicked out Can-Can Seat Grab.

Steve Perjanik. Nac seat-grab.

The last day of their trip, CJ Arnold stopped by to enjoy the trails as well. Steve shouted out, "SUPERMAN!" as CJ pumped the roller before this jump and CJ delivered with zero time to set up.

Tristan is probably the only guy I have met who is more afraid of poison oak than me. I carefully avoided some p-oak to set up in the woods and shoot this photo of Tristan turning down the final hip and then carefully avoiding the poison oak that surrounds the final berm.

Jackson Allen

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