Henn SC

This photo of Eric Hennessey was taken at 9am in Santa Cruz on a Thursday about a half hour after he built his bike in a parking lot. When I had picked Eric up at 11pm the night before, he was watching a bar fight across the street from the Santa Cruz bus station, his bike wrapped in a mutilated inflatable pool raft (he couldn’t find a bike bag the night before his flight). I felt like I was picking up someone who was returning home and in some ways I was. After a month long stay in Santa Cruz Eric had made his way back to the East Coast, where he was shanghaied into a multi week sailing expedition after which he returned to Santa Cruz again. In the morning, as we drove to the tiny skatepark, Eric told me he was a little nervous since it had been over a month since he rode his bike. The last time was when he was in Santa Cruz and he wondered if he could trade his sea legs for riding legs. We have been riding bikes for so long but we all wonder when it will stop feeling natural. Hopefully not any time soon.

Carving by Henny.

This video was filmed during a couple sessions during Hennessey’s month long stay. We put a priority on clocking good times over footy but I thought we would share what we got. HENN SC.

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