2013 was the driest calendar year on record in California’s dry and violent history. As we crested 2013 and slid into 2014 we wondered if the skies would ever open up. While the rest of the country experienced Biblically severe super storms we soaked up the sun, quietly complaining to ourselves about it being “too mild”, wringing our hands and worrying about low water tables and the certainty of wildfires.

Well, today I woke up to rain. The drought is over. And with that downpour comes a shower of videos and photos from Santa Cruz, CA. The bulk of these two videos and all of the photos were captured over these last few very dry months. Enjoy.

Jeff Murphy. Table in “that ditch that Ruben rode”.

IMG_7171 copy
Jackson Allen. Toboggan. Freedom 40.

Nathan Parker. Quick ledge to table hop on a brief visit to CA in November. Chasing home from one side of the country to the other.

Mike Hernandez. Wrangler.

Mike Hernandez and Jake Honesto. Satellite of love. Freedom 40.

Jake Honesto. I have heard people describe this pool coping hip as unjumpable. Jake Honesto, agnostic.

Jackson Allen. Bushwacking.

Jeff Murphy. Tiny Bank Big Euro.

Andy Maguire. Badboy at Shells.

Ass of the 40oz from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Andy let us all know that this will be his last video for Country Clubbin’. An “end of an error…I mean era” as he put it. Andy isn’t done making videos, just done with this project. What’s next? www.steppedindogshirt.com? We can only hope.

Notes From the Field: SHORT CUTS from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

I have been lucky to be surrounded by some wonderful human beings that happen to ride bikes. Here is our story.

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