Build Your Own Fun: Tristan Adams. Davis, CA.

What’ve you been up to lately? I know Davis can be blazing hot in the summer, you managing to stay cool?
This summer hasn’t been too hot so far for Davis, but still can be pretty scorchin’. In the morning (noon or 1 pm) I usually ride a spot with lots of shade like the Davis skatepark, then maybe go swim at an apartment pool nearby. Later on I’ll hibernate inside past the hottest part of the day then go ride somewhere more interesting like the ramp or out of town.

You want to give us a brief history lesson about the ramp? Where does it sit now and how did it become the full on skatepark it is today?
The ramp is out in the country a little west of Davis on the property of my friend Sam’s family. Sam is a bmxer/ ice hockey player/ outdoor sports enthusiast who splits his time between here and the east coast for hockey, and his family was kind enough to let me build pretty much whatever I wanted on their leach field (look that up). It started as a 5′ spine ramp built from the remains of two old minis and some new wood from home depot. That setup was really fun for a while, but then I just got obsessed with expanding it and would think about that all the time I was riding it. So my parents agreed to loan me some money and with the help of lots random friends, we built a vert wall, box jump, and an 8′ quarter.

Do you enjoy the building process? Any changes in the works? I know the last time I visited was December, anything different about the ramp since then?
I do enjoy the building process to a certain extent, but in the end it takes up a lot of time that I’d rather spend riding… and putting on the masonite sucked. It’s worth it though for sure and very rewarding to have so much fun on something you built yourself. Plus, I don’t know if anyone can relate, but ramps look sooooo awesome as skeletons before you put the plywood on! No, the ramp hasn’t changed since I made the addition. I don’t have the money for it. I’m still paying my parents back for the second part, $100 a month… it’s like a mortgage!

How often do you ride the ramp? Do you have people that you ride it with frequently?
It’s really random how often I ride it. Sometimes ill ride it every evening for a week and sometimes I won’t be there for like 2 weeks. It Just depends on if I can get people to come out there with me, if the trails are running, and stuff like that. I ride out there with Sam a lot when he’s home cause he lives there, all my friends from Davis I always ride with, and occasionally some out-of-towners will come visit.

From our conversations and visits I know Davis doesn’t have a huge BMX scene, is that part of the reason you have always built ramps and maintained your own set of trails?
I think it’s part of the reason for sure. Not having much to ride definitely motivates you to build your own stuff. But, who knows maybe I would have built stuff even if I did have lots of spots to ride, you can never have too many good spots!

Is there anything sweeter than riding something you built yourself?
Riding something you built yourself is awesome and is one of the best feelings. It makes me appreciate riding things that I didn’t have to build way more too!

Any building project related thank yous?
Yes big thanks to Sam and his family, my parents, and everyone who helped out with the ramp. Thanks to Andy G for digging at Avalon and every trails spot we’ve ever had. Thanks to everyone who dug or just came out and chilled with us at the trails.

Jackson Allen

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