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Holeshot Issue 8 Promotional Tool

Issue 8 is now available for Pre Order here. Subscriptions are no longer available and I guess this is probably the most fitting place to ... read more

Sasquatch Canyon & Jackson Allen

1000 posts on a blogspot doesn't sound like much of a topic to, well, blog about. But if you ask these motherfuckers or anyone else ... read more

A Critical Study Involving Live Fast Die

I know most of you readers are either out of school for the summer and don't even want to think about anything considered "critical" or ... read more

Rhode Island Gold

read more

Great Moments in Props Commercial History.

Bulldog Bikes "Worldwide" Perhaps the best Props commercial ever. I watched this thing 4 million times, confused and psyched at the same time. Unfortunately, it's not ... read more

Joel Miller

Joel is without a doubt one of the best to do it. I met him at Woodward years ago and we've stayed in some sort ... read more

Holeshot Issue 7 Promotional Tool

Issue 7 of Holeshot is at the printer now. What follows is some of the stuff that went into making it. The last page has ... read more

Build Your Own Ramp

My buddy Mike has had numerous ramps in his yard over the years. Some better than others but all of them bring back great ... read more

Under Appreciated

There are countless BMXers that go under appreciated. Shit, pretty much everyone that rides and doesn't do a footjam tailwhip on a bank kind of ... read more

Great BMX Part Names

1. Primo Stiffies. C'mon, doesn't get any better. So butthead. 2. S&M Handlebars. Gay Bars, Dive Bars, SLAM Bars, etc. The Gay Bars Graphic was so awesome. 3. FBM ... read more

How To: One Page Zine + Free Download

I love zines. Good ones, bad ones, whatever. Actually, I kind of just like when people actually make stuff or do something but if it's ... read more


BMX accessories. As a kid, they were my favorite. They were cheap, made your bike unique, and most importantly just looked cool. And while you ... read more