Great BMX Part Names

1. Primo Stiffies.

C’mon, doesn’t get any better. So butthead.

2. S&M Handlebars.

Gay Bars, Dive Bars, SLAM Bars, etc. The Gay Bars Graphic was so awesome.

3. FBM CB4Ks

Truth be told, I’ve never seen that flick, but Chris Rock is incredible, as well as Michael Scott impersonating him.

4. Hoffman Deebo

I just think it’s awesome that they named a frame after a character in Friday. Plus it’s Hoffman so they gotta get on here at some point, right?

5. SNAFU Rim Job.

Yikes. Ain’t touching that one. Although, surprisingly, not that crazy of images with SafeSearch off.

6. Primo Moe’s Bars

I <3 Moe.

7. Animal Sprocky Balboa

Good name. As much as I like Ripsaw or something as equally sprocket-like, this one’s funny and funny always wins. While on the subject of sprocket names, does anyone know why Odyssey uses Vermont, and the capital of Vermont, Burlington, for a sprocket name?

8. S&M Menstrual Cycle.

S&M keeps it going with butthead names. Girls who ride get to deal with all kinds of awesomeness like this.

9. HWA Fong Daddy

Duh. Jimmy Garcia, Pre Hwa Fong.