Great Moments in Props Commercial History.

Bulldog Bikes “Worldwide”

Perhaps the best Props commercial ever. I watched this thing 4 million times, confused and psyched at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s not on the internet for our viewing pleasure. Hopefully someday Jimmie Mac will upload it. And for the record, I think Bulldog is awesome. Until Jimmie Mac uploads the notorious commercial, watch the above YouTube video and check out their site, BullDogBikes Worldwide, at the same time and you might get an idea.

Chad DeGroot Baco Designs

props commercial for baco designs spoofing riders from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

Thanks to Tunney for reminding me of this one. Pretty amazing. An updated 2010 street version of this would be killer!

Todd Lyons JNCO

I was always a little confused about the interludes of TL sweeping and mopping? I can’t see how he would have been sponsored by Huffy and JNCO and had to work as a janitor but who knows. One thing I am not confused about is how awesome those warp effects and TL”s bashguard was! Hell yeah!

Psychic Flying Monkey “Carnie and Trailer Trash Show” Trailer

While this is not the original that was in Props (I know because the opening clip was the last clip of the young lady lake jumping had a flashing censor bar over her chest that read “BOOBS!!!”), it is still amazing and I hope you’ll take the time to watch it. Afterward you might find yourself asking “what happened to Jason Davies?” or maybe just “What happened?”. I would also suggest taking a few minutes to click around Psychic Flying Monkey’s site or at the very least just these photos of Jose Yanez lake jumping.

Animal – Bob Scerbo Filler Commercial

I hate to be nostalgic but this is probably one of my favorite periods of BMX and this commercial sort of exemplifies why. Great song and I don’t know about you but those 29 seconds definitely convinced me to buy Can I Eat?