Joel Miller

Joel is without a doubt one of the best to do it. I met him at Woodward years ago and we’ve stayed in some sort of contact ever since. Cool, calm, collected. Those words don’t even begin to describe this enigma from Derry, NH. Ever since knowing Joel he’s done something that has blown my mind. From building his own bikes to learning how to sail around the world, he’s been on it. There’s no doubt he’s got it all figured it out and has for some time. I heard a story that when Joel was down under on his sailing expedition he borrowed a local’s bike and blasted some ramps with nothing but some booty jean shorts on. He’s legendary and not just for his skills but for his attitude. I’m sick of people being held in high regard just because they are “good” at stuff. Joel could probably care less about who is better. In fact I doubt he even knows how awesome he is, in his world everyone is awesome. A sailor, welder, farmer, BMXer and now husband, Joel is a true inspiration and hopefully sometime in the future I can put something more than this ragtag of words and photos together so the world can get a better picture of who he is. For cinematic proof of Joel’s prowess on a bike see the Props Credence trip from a few years ago and the opening clip to the youtube flick below. For proof of how awesome he really is, well, you might just have to track him down yourself for that.

Bottom photos stolen from internet.