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Deluxe North East Trip

I don’t think there is anything better than a trail trip. That feeling of learning a new section and really giving it hell until there is no light left is kind of sessions I look forward to every trail season. The Deluxe North East Trip was just that. An awesome crew giving it hell!

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Jaunt Down South

We took a trip down south to North Carolina after a long winter in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, some good riding, partying and adventuring went down. We didn’t get to shoot that much because the sessions were too much fun but memories are better than a 10,000 views on Vimeo.

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Winter Welcome 2015

WinterWelcomJam (94 of 98)

It’s hard to sum up Welcome Jams. My brother and I host two a year and we both look forward to those days more than any other day of the year. They have became a day of riding, hanging with friends, listening to music and partying. Sometimes it feels like a BMX reunion. At the jams, old heads, the local scene and friends from all over the country come to together for one hell of a session. The energy and vibe are one that you can’t get enough of and are always looking forward to having again. The sessions go all day and are full of ‘hell yeahs’ and high fives. This years Winter Welcome Jam at The Wheel Mill did not disappoint by any means. It may have been the best yet. I’m already looking forward to the summer jam. Check out these photos by Murphy Moschetta of what went down.


Union Rye

Baby T Black & White

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WinterWelcomJam (30 of 98)

WinterWelcomJam (82 of 98)

WinterWelcomJam (77 of 98)

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Winter Welcome Jam

Welcome Jam

The Winter Welcome is January 17th at The Wheel Mill. If you’re getting cabin fever and need friends, bikes, music and beer, the Winter Welcome Jam has you covered. Check out Least Most’s coverage of the event last year HERE.

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Sweet-As Adventure in New Zealand


Once you start traveling, you can’t get enough. My brother and I have been traveling together for more than a decade and this trip to New Zealand was one of the bests. We spent most of our time in Queenstown and Auckland with some side trips for hikes and to take in the beautiful countryside New Zealand has to offer.

Everything you have ever heard about New Zealand is true. The people are happy, the weather is beautiful and the nature is some of the most unique and diverse scenery in the world. For it’s size, New Zealand has endless riding spots. From old school skate parks, new cement parks, trails, street and unique dams and full pipes. If you went and only rode, which would be easy to do, you would not do the country justice. For me, the nature trumped all. Imagine if you took the different landscapes of America and jammed them into just the East Coast. There was just one mighty landscape after another, which made for some beautiful car drives, hikes and rides.

The people almost surpassed the natural beauty of the country. Kiwi’s are very kind, humble and down for anything. Being surrounded by friends with such a great attitude will make it hard for me to not want to return year after year.










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Welcome Jam 2014

Welcome Jam

Every year my brother Mark and I host a jam at our childhood trails. The Welcome Jam is on September 20th and riding starts at 1pm. These parties originally started as our birthday parties when we were little. They’ve escalated over the last 7 years and have became one hell of a party. If you live around the East Coast, I hope you get a chance to come ride, camp, party and hang out with some friends!

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Jaunt in Colorado


We headed out west from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Colorado in search of good cement parks, adventure and friends. Our crew from Pittsburgh was Tyler Valentik, Corey Zell, and myself and we planned to meet up with three other Jaunt team riders in Colorado; Will Blount, Jason Willis and Tom Dillon.


We bounced all over Northern Colorado. Some days we would ride three parks a day and other days we would just go for a hike. I think having a loose plan is always the best bet for a good time. Having a tight schedule never seems to work. As well, having good buddies who are down for anything are essential to a successful trip. We even ended up at a rodeo. It was hilarious. Six BMX dudes in the middle of a rodeo stood out like a sore thumb. Yet, there’s something about those random experiences that make a trip.


Colorado should be on anyone’s must do list, even if you’re not riding. There is something to do in any direction. I will for sure be making another 22 hour drive to the Rocky Mountains again. Photos by Tyler Valentik, Corey Zell, Mike Potoczny and Tom Dillon.










Chilling copy


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Zach Shafer Pump Track Guru

When it comes to the pump track at The Wheel Mill, Zach Shafer has more lines than most people combined. I helped build and design this pump track and while we were building it we didn’t even think of some of these lines. If you like creativity for sure check this quick edit out. Filmed and edited by Geo Jenkins.

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The Winter Welcome Jam

My brother and I have been hosting a jam called the Welcome Jam out at our trails at our parents place for years. It’s always been my favorite time of the year. Good people, riding, partying and bands roll through our grounds for this event. It’s something you wish there was more of. This year we decided to give a winter edition a try. On February 1st, we’ll be hosting the Winter Welcome Jam at The Wheel Mill. Similar format to our jam in summers just less fires. Check out the flyer for full details.

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Cam Girvin at The Wheel Mill


I’ve watched Cam Girvin come into his own. It’s awesome to watch kids go from learning how to ride a park to absolute shredder. When I met this kid he had skill and we all knew he was going to kill it one day. He’s only 15 years old and he’s already killing it so I’m looking forward to seeing whats in store the next couple years. Keep a look out for this dude, I’m sure there is some more good riding to come.

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Ryan Wert in Vinyl’s “LP”

Wert and I went to High School together. It’s awesome to have someone you’ve been riding with since you were young still ripping with you. Every session with Wert is fun and amusing. He brings creativity and energy to riding that makes anyone want to go ride. Check out his section in the Vinyl “LP” and you’ll see what I mean.

“Ryan Wert is a Pittsburgh native, he brings a ton of energy to his riding which makes for some really good entertainment.


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Mason Ritter for Crux Division


Over the last two years in Pittsburgh, there has been endless amounts of shredders popping up left and right. One that’s really caught my eye is Mason Ritter. Check out this edit of him made by Geo Jenkins.

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