Sweet-As Adventure in New Zealand


Once you start traveling, you can’t get enough. My brother and I have been traveling together for more than a decade and this trip to New Zealand was one of the bests. We spent most of our time in Queenstown and Auckland with some side trips for hikes and to take in the beautiful countryside New Zealand has to offer.

Everything you have ever heard about New Zealand is true. The people are happy, the weather is beautiful and the nature is some of the most unique and diverse scenery in the world. For it’s size, New Zealand has endless riding spots. From old school skate parks, new cement parks, trails, street and unique dams and full pipes. If you went and only rode, which would be easy to do, you would not do the country justice. For me, the nature trumped all. Imagine if you took the different landscapes of America and jammed them into just the East Coast. There was just one mighty landscape after another, which made for some beautiful car drives, hikes and rides.

The people almost surpassed the natural beauty of the country. Kiwi’s are very kind, humble and down for anything. Being surrounded by friends with such a great attitude will make it hard for me to not want to return year after year.










Mike Potoczny

Dead set on living and having a good time.