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Ryan Popple and Friends in Vinyl “LP”

Ryan Popple is a true trail rider. I’ve never seen another dude work so hard building. He’s equally as good on the bike as he is with the shovel. Check out this section of Popple and friends in the Vinyl “LP” video and see some classic PA trail riding with some legends.

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Mark Potoczny in Vinyl “LP”

It may be a little weird for me to post my brothers video part, but I think it’s one of the best he’s made in a long time. Check out Mark Potoczny’s section in the Vinyl “LP” video.

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Halahan Brother’s Trail Edit

I can’t say enough about the Halahan Family. They are one of the BMX families that are doing it right. The Halahans make me excited for the next generation in Pittsburgh. They’re not even teenagers and have more style than most trail dogs. Here’s an edit of Lukas and Nathan Halahan that they did for Diamondback at JP’s trails.

Filmed and edited: Deek Design

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My Favorite Line with Mark Mulville

In classic style, Mark Mulville rips the jump room at The Wheel Mill in this one. If I wasn’t 6’3” I’d try some of these combos.

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The Wheel Mill Pump Track


The Wheel Mill is raising money to build a new pump track with an Indiegogo campaign. The park just opened last April and is the first indoor park in Pittsburgh in years. Help give the Pittsburgh scene an amazing park and get some kick back too.

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A Motorcycle Adventure with Tom Dillon

Jaunt rider Tom Dillon took a motorcycle trip around Colorado and made this self filmed edit of his trip.

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