Winter Welcome 2015

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It’s hard to sum up Welcome Jams. My brother and I host two a year and we both look forward to those days more than any other day of the year. They have became a day of riding, hanging with friends, listening to music and partying. Sometimes it feels like a BMX reunion. At the jams, old heads, the local scene and friends from all over the country come to together for one hell of a session. The energy and vibe are one that you can’t get enough of and are always looking forward to having again. The sessions go all day and are full of ‘hell yeahs’ and high fives. This years Winter Welcome Jam at The Wheel Mill did not disappoint by any means. It may have been the best yet. I’m already looking forward to the summer jam. Check out these photos by Murphy Moschetta of what went down.


Union Rye

Baby T Black & White

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