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90 East- Portland Maine

# days of riding in Portland Maine with 90 East crew…

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Rochester NY

“The Rochester Surf Club during it’s Hurricane Irene Session on Lake Ontario. Aug 28th, 2011. I filmed for only about an hour before I had to get in and play…”- Jimmy Rathbun

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SF Bicycle Film Festival Street Party

Photos/Words: Chris Riesner

The Bicycle Film Festival is a showcase of bike related films that travels all over the world and for a few days at a time brings together the different bike cultures in a community to celebrate the greatness of bike riding.

The third day of the Bicycle Film Festival (San Francisco stop) kicked off with a street party in a small alley near Mission street. There were some grind boxes, rails and a lot of people from different bike communities gathered in the street. It was a pretty good time, but for me the highlight was when Ron Wilkerson rolled through with his trailer that folded out into a 9ft quarter.

Ron Wilkerson folding out the 2hip trailer/quarter

This was the first time I’ve experienced riding a ramp in a setting like this. The quarter was staggered in the street with a narrow run up between two apartment buildings. Pedaling through an alley, hitting a curb cut tabletop and roasting this huge quarter pipe with people gathered round was pretty amazing.

Alleyway pedaling

Lil Jon blast

Stephen Perjanik table one hander

John McGowan griz air

Ron Wilkerson (2hip bikes owner) and Brent Barbur (BFF founder)

Marcos Revuelta table

Later in the evening held the final showings of the festival. The films were played at the Victoria theater which is one of the oldest running theaters in SF. This theater and all it’s strong character was the perfect place for the diverse line up of showings. The films were all pretty interesting and ranged from kids in Africa creating their own unique styles on BMX bikes to competitive underground street races in New York and LA. There was a lot of great cinematography, some strange concepts but an overall interesting display of bike culture. If the BFF ever comes to your city I would strongly suggest making it out to the festival to party with bike riders and watch some bike related films on a big screen.

Victoria Theater snack bar

Victoria Theater

Brent Barbur introducing the films

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Zac Costa is not your average scientist.

Zac costa, who has been a part of Least Most, with cool shit like This feature, has a prominent article on the Virginia Commonwealth University website about Science, Jungles, BMX and more… check it out!

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Battle for Granville

Words/photos courtesy of Ken Paul

In the 20 years that I’ve lived in Vancouver, I can’t ever recall a BMX jam taking place downtown with the main drag closed, flanked by Sunday shoppers on both sides of the street. On August 14, that all changed when the Battle for Granville took place on a spectacular summer’s day in the heart of downtown. With the help of a few friends, Wade Lajlar built the roll in and two jump sets on his homestead up on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Trucked everything down on a ferry and set up shop early in the morning to get the battle going. A set of heats eliminated the riders down to five for the finals with a quiet Brandon van Dulken taking first place and $1,000 back home. It was a comp with the majority of spectators stumbling out of stores, unbeknownst to what was going on, but excited to stick around and catch some good riding.

He placed third at the inaugural Red Bull Joyride at Kokanee Crankworx less than a month ago. (One of mountain biking’s biggest contests of the year.) At Battle for Granville, Anthony Messere dug out the 20' and placed third yet again.

With all the riding he’s been doing this year, 15 year old Anthony Messere was somehow able to slip this comp into his schedule.

Norco’s Ben Kaufmann made the trek all the way from the Nation’s capital of Ottawa to put in the most consistent runs of the day. No-handed flip to second place.

Was it a double? A triple? No matter, he pulled them both. Brandon van Dulken - first place and a whole lot of recognition.

The winner of Battle for Granville: Brandon van Dulken.

He may not have made the finals, but David Laliberte definitely kicked things up a notch.

Dillon Lloyd is one of many riders now calling Vancouver home. I think things are about to explode for this guy '“ in a good way.

Norco had two riders in the top five, and this guy, James van de Kamp was one of them. 360 turndown on the second set to fifth place.

Canadian bike manufacturer Norco has seriously stepped things up with their BMX line in recent years. A glimpse of what they have in store for 2012 was on display at their tent.

Hey, I’ll go to any contest that has beer as a key sponsor.

Wade Lajlar definitely had the Sunday shoppers behind him with moves like this big 360 and a 720 to boot.

You would look like this too if you spent a week building ramps, trucking them over land and sea and setting them up in the middle of one of Canada’s larges cities. Wade Lajlar.

Huge Superman tailwhip and fourth place from Verde/LRG’s Wade Lajlar.

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New Kenny Horton Jam

Shit Show Party Animal, Kenny Horton and his new edit…

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Sasquatch at Woodward

Jackson Allen, Chris Riesner and some friends ventured to Woodward West in Tehachapi, California and captured some great photos and video along the way…

A few hours of driving lead us to our destination of the middle of nowhere; Tehatchapi, CA.

Right out of the car Jackson Allen surprised me with these perfect 270 tables. He was enjoying the Woodward's newest park edition of the backyard mini.

Mike Hernandez lookbacking from corner to corner in the Enterprise.

Set the bikes down for a bit to enjoy some log rolling in the pool.

Jackson Allen ripping the over vert corner in the Crater.

Mike Hernandez has been loving big pool coping quarters lately, when he found this one he had to hang over a nose manuel on it.

Abe Rowland from the infamous trail town of Redding, CA came through to dig at the trails, we convinced him to take a break and blast the set-back wall.

Handing the camera off to Jackson Allen, Chris Riesner moto whip air's the Burnside replica quarter transfer.

Letting dinner settle in and catching some shut eye before prepping the trails for the evening session.

Not much patching but plenty of sweeping was in need at the trails.

Sweep, water, sweep, water, wait for the sun to go just below that horizon.

Once the evening tail session is under way it's hard to hold yourself back to breathe.

Jackson Allen and Andy Sweet picking up speed in the setup rollers before the step-down at the beginning of the Love Line.

Andy Sweet euro one footer on the left hip into a quick right berm at the end of the line.

Kyle Rohling and Andy Sweet have been maintaining the trails throughout summer, they were definitely going the highest. Here's Kyle nac nacing at height mid set.

One of the biggest changes to the jumps this year was this S turn berm to roller. Camp Director Sean Dorton approves.

This hip got pretty juiced up this season, Jackson Allen still loves roasting 1 foot tables over it.

The trail sessions keep going until you can hardly see the lip in front of you and finally someone wisely steps in and chains them off until next evening’s session.

And finally, capping off the night by catching Frosty King minutes before they close and eating out front on the sidewalk.

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Joe Stakun

From Weird Joe -“Check out the new Adult Swim Promo I put together for Butterfinger and Hotpockets. Here’s the Butterfinger version. Airing all this week on Adult Swim!”

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Where it all starts…. seen over atFun Bro

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Imaginary Friends Video

…music video for the song New Blues by Imaginary Friends. Featuring Ruel “wormz” Smith…

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Forgash is a beast, check out his latest party- Danava!

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Dudes in Madrid

Words by Mario Martin-Alciati, photos/video courtesy of Nic Gironda

Mike Amarosa, Nic Gironda And I grew up riding together. After a lot of planning, talking and saving we finally pulled the trigger on a riding trip. The three of us went to Madrid, Spain for two weeks and had an awesome time. Nothing but riding, hanging out, eating and laughing. Nic always had his camera bag with him and we were able to catch some of the fun sessions, spots and awesome people from those two weeks on film.

Mario Martin-Alciati

Mike Amarosa

Nic Gironda

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