Sasquatch at Woodward

Jackson Allen, Chris Riesner and some friends ventured to Woodward West in Tehachapi, California and captured some great photos and video along the way…

A few hours of driving lead us to our destination of the middle of nowhere; Tehatchapi, CA.

Right out of the car Jackson Allen surprised me with these perfect 270 tables. He was enjoying the Woodward's newest park edition of the backyard mini.

Mike Hernandez lookbacking from corner to corner in the Enterprise.

Set the bikes down for a bit to enjoy some log rolling in the pool.

Jackson Allen ripping the over vert corner in the Crater.

Mike Hernandez has been loving big pool coping quarters lately, when he found this one he had to hang over a nose manuel on it.

Abe Rowland from the infamous trail town of Redding, CA came through to dig at the trails, we convinced him to take a break and blast the set-back wall.

Handing the camera off to Jackson Allen, Chris Riesner moto whip air's the Burnside replica quarter transfer.

Letting dinner settle in and catching some shut eye before prepping the trails for the evening session.

Not much patching but plenty of sweeping was in need at the trails.

Sweep, water, sweep, water, wait for the sun to go just below that horizon.

Once the evening tail session is under way it's hard to hold yourself back to breathe.

Jackson Allen and Andy Sweet picking up speed in the setup rollers before the step-down at the beginning of the Love Line.

Andy Sweet euro one footer on the left hip into a quick right berm at the end of the line.

Kyle Rohling and Andy Sweet have been maintaining the trails throughout summer, they were definitely going the highest. Here's Kyle nac nacing at height mid set.

One of the biggest changes to the jumps this year was this S turn berm to roller. Camp Director Sean Dorton approves.

This hip got pretty juiced up this season, Jackson Allen still loves roasting 1 foot tables over it.

The trail sessions keep going until you can hardly see the lip in front of you and finally someone wisely steps in and chains them off until next evening’s session.

And finally, capping off the night by catching Frosty King minutes before they close and eating out front on the sidewalk.

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