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I’d love to tell you Kenny Horton and myself went to Philly and shut all the spots down, crushed it! But thats not exactly what happened. We did manage to have an awesome time exploring the city with some friends, enjoying the local eateries, getting hammered and watching the sun come up on a west philly roof. VACATION FOREVER DAWGIE! Shout outs to Chance, Jheny, Pony Boy, Nathan, Van for showing us FDR and taking kenny to the gay bar, pizza rolls, Dahlak paradise, t box! Heres some photos I shot along the way, with random flm cameras i had laying around in my bedroom.

-Christian Hewett

More Photos by Christian On his Bump Jump Tumblr…

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Revenge Run: The Film

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An excursion with Christian Hewett and friends

Sometimes spending 36 hours, an hour away from home, is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Sleeping for only 3 hours of that 36 hours, moonshining jugaloos, some whiskey, a couple hundred beers, some hallucinogenics, a bunch of motor bikes and 15 or so of your best friends in the whole entire world makes it 10 times even better. Im not sure if Surry County, Virginia has a police department, but I know for a fact on every sunday Slades drag strip holds a race. And if you show up with 15 bucks on saturday, they’ll let you “camp” all night, and wake up in the morning and enjoy the show. Happy birthday Chris Reichen!

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FBM Bonus Video

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Rick Crossman Pics

Here are some photos courtesy of Rick Crossman.
The first photo is of Sporter Neal wallriding his house in Glens Falls with his dad in the kitchen window. The second is Jim C riding his 24” in New Braunfels Tx.

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Buena Vista

Buena Vista

The Buena Vista Pool has seen decades of shredding since it was first dug out in 76. 1976, holy shit! That’s more than 35 years of history. Throughout the years Buena has had its fair share of ups and downs. The pool has been barrier, dug out, and re-birthed more than once. Blood, sweat, and tears are forever engraved into this sacred place. It’s amazing that this concrete structure still stands but it wont forever. Only one thing in life is guaranteed, and that’s death. But no matter what, the sprit of Buena will never die.

By Dean Dickinson

Chris Riesner!

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So, you think your life is crazy?

Check out the latest update of Jason Anderson’s Adventure on his travel blog. It’s seriously insane!

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Best Photo Ever.

For many reasons… Seen on The Heathens

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An Interview with Ian MacKaye

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Full Circle Bike Shop

The Full Circle gang with the Sunday Bikes team. Photo: Jim C.

For many, the American Dream is just another catch phrase, or some afterthought on some discovery channel reality show. For some, it’s more than just a Fourth of July bumper sticker, it’s a lifestyle, steeped in one’s own version of what they’d like their life to be. It’s the freedom to risk it all, rather than submit to the norm.

In many ways nothing demonstrates true freedom like a bicycle, or the American Dream like independent bike shops. A bicycle transcends every socioeconomic aspect of American culture. They empower people with the freedom to express themselves, or simply provide transportation to work, a grocery store, or anywhere your imagination can lead you. A local bike shop can foster these ideas and with some effort, grow a strong community around bike riding.

Although a crucial element in the bicycle industry, small bike shops often face an uphill struggle against larger merchants, mail orders, and quite simply existing in a tough economy, with seasonal clientele.

Even with these challenges, Jason Graves at Full Circle Bike Shop in Florence, Massachusetts, is brave enough have his go at the American dream.

We’re fortunate that there are still people out there like Jason, who have the capacity and the desire to do more than just try and turn a profit. From supporting BMX through events and retail, offering new opportunities within his community, and just helping to keep people on bikes, it seems like a lot can come full circle when riding towards “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

For more information visit Full Circle online.

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Full Frame Photo Show

Kyle Emery Peck and friends…. Awesome!

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Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Upstate New york has always had a unique and tight knit scene, thats been supportive of it’s own events, riders, companies and more for years. Even with long stretches of NYS thruway, bad weather, and day to day life keeping many riders relatively separated, you can always count on the BMX scene convening in some weird warehouse, a parking lot, or any other random location in any obscure town, just for kicks.

This particular weekend, riders from all over the states, as well as upstate, gathered once again, for a good cause, not just fun on two wheels, but to help our friend, and Iconic New York state legend, Mike Tag, who is battling cancer. This time Ithaca New York, and East Shore Skate Park were the weekend’s playground.

Riders donated Art, Photos, Bikes, cash, bought raffle tickets, and shared good thoughts on Behalf of Mike, here are a few of Korey Kryder’s snapshots from the day!

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