Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Upstate New york has always had a unique and tight knit scene, thats been supportive of it’s own events, riders, companies and more for years. Even with long stretches of NYS thruway, bad weather, and day to day life keeping many riders relatively separated, you can always count on the BMX scene convening in some weird warehouse, a parking lot, or any other random location in any obscure town, just for kicks.

This particular weekend, riders from all over the states, as well as upstate, gathered once again, for a good cause, not just fun on two wheels, but to help our friend, and Iconic New York state legend, Mike Tag, who is battling cancer. This time Ithaca New York, and East Shore Skate Park were the weekend’s playground.

Riders donated Art, Photos, Bikes, cash, bought raffle tickets, and shared good thoughts on Behalf of Mike, here are a few of Korey Kryder’s snapshots from the day!

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