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John Twin

monkey plant while ducking the ceiling

Recently I helped build a little wherehouse setup with a few of my friends here in SF. We’ve been working on it for a few months now, but really got down to business the past week or 2. On one particular building night, John Twin and I built this vertwall in a few hours. We built a similar one in the spot, so we knew what getting into. That same night we got to session it, and John decided that he wanted to learn monkey plants. About 15 minutes later he had the trick dialed. I guess when you build something you get extra pumped to ride it…

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My friend, Jeff Benett adventured out to Yosemite this summer, and ended up taking sweet pictures and a little story to go with it. I feel like other people might be into what they did. So I present Jeff twin’s story:

This last July I took a random trip with John Ivers and our Canadian friend Ian to Yosemite National Park to find this legend of a quarter pipe rock. We cruised up in John’s 1970 VW bus with no radio and about 90 degree weather. The rock ended up being pretty sick and perfect to ride. Later that night we had a run in with the law which ended in 2 hours of sitting on the curb and some pretty expensive tickets. After sleeping in an awesome cave for the night we went on a hike to Vernal Falls where 3 people went over and died a few days before (search and rescue actually found a body while we were there). To top off the trip our climbing friends who work in the park took John and I to this rope swing on El Capitan (the biggest solid piece of rock on earth). We had no idea what we were in for, but this ropeswing that went out over the valley, turned out to be the craziest thing either of us have ever done. All in all it was an amazing trip.

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up in smoke

backpack steez in full effect.

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It’s the weekend. Get outside and ride.

Zodiac Killer 360

kurt calls this ramp a qwedge. whatever you wanna call it he know how's to ride it. home turf tabe.

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berkeley park pics

A bunch of us met up at the Berkeley Skatepark the other morning, and here are some pics. January is supposed to be the rainiest month of the year, and it felt like there were a lot more sunny days like this then rainy ones. Winter in the bay area ain’t too bad..

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New Things

So yesterday I finally got all my photos developed and scanned in from my 4 month trip. This is just a snack of whats to come later. I’m working on a zine called PERMASUMMER that will contain more snaps from my adventure along with some of my friends art and photos.

Apparently this is the longest municipal pier on the west coast. My first leg of the trip was in San Diego, and the weather was pretty much perfect.

I’ve always wanted to go to FDR. This summer a gang of us jumped on a Fung Wah bus and made it out to Philly. It was a lot tougher to ride then I thought…

kayaking is the jam! taken with my golden half

When I lived in Seattle (03-06) John and his buddies would fly out from Ireland to come ride. It’s been a few years since I seen him, so when I heard that he was staying in vancouver I had to catch up with him. Here John is flexing a turndown.

this was at one of the new training facilities in vancouver for the olympics. shot with kodak 100gx then cross processed

it was pretty sweet to roll to the opposite side of the country and have your homies out there with you. Sean, Ivers, and Jake taking a breather at Vic’s trails on the Gypsy trip.

Chester Jones riding the new bmx park in vancouver.

We camped in the parking lot to make sure we made the 4:45 ferry to Orcas Island. Waking up that early definelty had its rewards….

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It’s hill bomb Friday. Go and get yours today…

sf street luge hill bombs

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Happy Friday the 13th

Be careful out there today… With summer running at full speed still, it’s easy to get carried away. Buddy, Jason Teet broke his foot on a double rail hop gone nose dive so bad that he had to get surgery and stay in the hospital for 2 nights… Heal up well. SF homie, Greg Doliber just got hooked up with S & M. They ran a photo of mine, so I thought i’d put it up here too. Greg recently crashed real hard trying to jump the clipper ledge from the top. Get well soon.

greg hopping up the ledge to wallride over the bike rack at the oakland courthouse you can also check out his crash at clipper on there as well. Also Davey Struthers, and Sean Ryan are posted up due to broken bones as well.

Enough with the bad news. Go out and shred because bad luck is only for people that believe in it.

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Hello everyone,
This is my first post here at TLM. I’m stoked as hell to be a part of such a sweet website!! With all the copy and pasting the same old content on a lot of websites goin on these days its refreshing to have a great site like TLM that has quality original content. Hopefully i’ll be able to shine some light on the people/places I come across.
Since the beginning of June i’ve been traveling around. I dropped everything I was doing at home in San Francisco, moved my stuff into my dad’s basement, and hit the open road. Since then I’ve been to San Diego, all over New England during the FBM Gypsy trip with Holeshot, NYC and now Vancouver B.C It’s been nothing but good times and sunshine. For me summer is all about getting out and doin’ the most you can while it’s nice out. So with that said, I urge you all to do the same and freestyle it, bring out the friends, the bike, and even your dog!

John Iver's current setup. HIs awesome volkswagon bus, and his sweet dog finn.

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