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John Twin

monkey plant while ducking the ceiling Recently I helped build a little wherehouse setup with a few of my friends here in SF. We've been ... read more


My friend, Jeff Benett adventured out to Yosemite this summer, and ended up taking sweet pictures and a little story to go with it. ... read more


up in smoke backpack steez in full effect. read more


It's the weekend. Get outside and ride. Zodiac Killer 360 kurt calls this ramp a qwedge. whatever you wanna call it he know how's to ... read more

berkeley park pics

A bunch of us met up at the Berkeley Skatepark the other morning, and here are some pics. January is supposed to be the ... read more

New Things

So yesterday I finally got all my photos developed and scanned in from my 4 month trip. This is just a snack of whats ... read more


It's hill bomb Friday. Go and get yours today... sf street luge hill bombs read more

Happy Friday the 13th

Be careful out there today... With summer running at full speed still, it's easy to get carried away. Buddy, Jason Teet broke ... read more


Hello everyone, This is my first post here at TLM. I'm stoked as hell to be a part of such a sweet website!! ... read more