My friend, Jeff Benett adventured out to Yosemite this summer, and ended up taking sweet pictures and a little story to go with it. I feel like other people might be into what they did. So I present Jeff twin’s story:

This last July I took a random trip with John Ivers and our Canadian friend Ian to Yosemite National Park to find this legend of a quarter pipe rock. We cruised up in John’s 1970 VW bus with no radio and about 90 degree weather. The rock ended up being pretty sick and perfect to ride. Later that night we had a run in with the law which ended in 2 hours of sitting on the curb and some pretty expensive tickets. After sleeping in an awesome cave for the night we went on a hike to Vernal Falls where 3 people went over and died a few days before (search and rescue actually found a body while we were there). To top off the trip our climbing friends who work in the park took John and I to this rope swing on El Capitan (the biggest solid piece of rock on earth). We had no idea what we were in for, but this ropeswing that went out over the valley, turned out to be the craziest thing either of us have ever done. All in all it was an amazing trip.