New Things

So yesterday I finally got all my photos developed and scanned in from my 4 month trip. This is just a snack of whats to come later. I’m working on a zine called PERMASUMMER that will contain more snaps from my adventure along with some of my friends art and photos.

Apparently this is the longest municipal pier on the west coast. My first leg of the trip was in San Diego, and the weather was pretty much perfect.

I’ve always wanted to go to FDR. This summer a gang of us jumped on a Fung Wah bus and made it out to Philly. It was a lot tougher to ride then I thought…

kayaking is the jam! taken with my golden half

When I lived in Seattle (03-06) John and his buddies would fly out from Ireland to come ride. It’s been a few years since I seen him, so when I heard that he was staying in vancouver I had to catch up with him. Here John is flexing a turndown.

this was at one of the new training facilities in vancouver for the olympics. shot with kodak 100gx then cross processed

it was pretty sweet to roll to the opposite side of the country and have your homies out there with you. Sean, Ivers, and Jake taking a breather at Vic’s trails on the Gypsy trip.

Chester Jones riding the new bmx park in vancouver.

We camped in the parking lot to make sure we made the 4:45 ferry to Orcas Island. Waking up that early definelty had its rewards….