Happy Friday the 13th

Be careful out there today… With summer running at full speed still, it’s easy to get carried away. Buddy, Jason Teet broke his foot on a double rail hop gone nose dive so bad that he had to get surgery and stay in the hospital for 2 nights… Heal up well. SF homie, Greg Doliber just got hooked up with S & M. They ran a photo of mine, so I thought i’d put it up here too. Greg recently crashed real hard trying to jump the clipper ledge from the top. Get well soon.

greg hopping up the ledge to wallride over the bike rack at the oakland courthouse

http://sandmbikes.com/_blog/News/post/DOLL_FACE/ you can also check out his crash at clipper on there as well. Also Davey Struthers, and Sean Ryan are posted up due to broken bones as well.

Enough with the bad news. Go out and shred because bad luck is only for people that believe in it.