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Quick Klick

Will Bruce, Dodging the Ceiling with a big 180 over the freshly painted wall ride at Cranx, Syracuse, NY. read more

Quick Klick

A lot of people tend to slow down on the bike once they pick up a camera, Souva is not one of those people. Ruben ... read more

Dudes in Ohio (again?)

Having been a couple years since I drove to Cleveland Ohio, I grabbed a couple friends and made the 5 hour trek to rekindle my ... read more

Winter Welcome Jam 2014

After spending almost 4 days getting back to the United States from Kyrgyzstan, I had a chance to get about 4 hours of sleep before ... read more

Forever Young

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself not to grow up too fast... read more

Frozen Ground

Here is probably the last riding photo I'll shoot in 2013 now that the snow's starting to fall. Tobias Pettinelli at Richwood trails outside of ... read more

Welcome Jam 2013

I was fortunate enough to make my way down to Pittsburgh for this year's Welcome Jam, which turned out to be an amazing time. I ... read more

Burden Lake Pool Jam

We heard a rumor that the Burden Lake Pool in Albany was being destroyed, so BKFBM rented a pump, cleaned her out and threw one ... read more

Jack and The Motorcycles

In the ongoing saga that is Jack and I's relationship, I got a call from him where he said: "Yo, there's a motorcycle stunt thing ... read more

Jack and The Drifters

Jack shot me a message a week prior and said he had a pretty wild idea that he wanted me to shoot. If you haven't ... read more

Casselberry Trails

After seeing some stuff on Twitter this morning and reading Cottle's article (definitely check it out), I gave him a buzz to get the status ... read more

Cranx Interview

Here's a short interview I did with Dale regarding the Cranx, the new HUGE indoor bike park in Syracuse, NY. This place is absolutely out ... read more