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Korey’s Klick of the Week

Kyle Hibbard executing a toboggan properly.

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Orlando “Get Ignorant” Trip

A bunch of us New Yorkers got fed up with our shitty weather up north and figured it would be a nice break from snow brushes and expensive heating bills to head down to Orlando for some New Years Eve festivities and some outdoor riding. I feared for my camera’s life on NYE, but those activities were all well documented by the locals (check the links below). I was able to capture the riding and hanging out which in all it’s glory below. A big thanks goes out to Native BMX, the Casselberry house, Here For Kicks, Mr. Bikes and Boards, Brien Kielb, and Enterprise Car Rental for not putting me in jail for what I did with the Rental Car.

I’ll say it right now, Orlando is KOOKED!

This sign was on the side of the Highway, and apparently if you buy a truck, you get a free AK-47. I can’t make this shit up!

Toby and Will showing off their purchases from the World’s Largest Flea Market.

This is the world famous brick tranny spot down in Orlando. Seriously amazing to ride, I can’t believe someone didn’t build this without intentions of having people shred the shit out of it.

A band of us loaded up in the Unit and head down to Kona for a day of shredding. This was seriously a rough crew.

As soon as we got close to Kona, it started to rain, but thanks to King Cobra and Natty Ice the morale of the group stayed high.

We tried killing some time in a Record Shop slash Smoke Shop. The owner got real pissed about the cameras, but I’ll say they definitely had quite the selection of ahem, um “toys”.

Red Bull Dave took us to a wild set of trails set way off the beaten path, where Toby met this little fella. Red Bull Dave was quite the individual.

Here Capozzi puts the pass on BKFBM in a snake run that was completely soaked. Red Bull Dave was quite the host, feeding us burgers and imported beers while the rain went on and off all night.

Rain and Intoxication did not stop a lot of dudes from giving the snake run a full speed pass. I can promise you, the snake run was so unbelievably slick, that none of these stunts should have been performed.

Here Toby rips down the J run, most likely completely shitfaced.

Brien Kielb took a brakeless run down the J run and ended up washing out and breaking his face! I guess we were all hell bent on taking at least a couple runs rain or shine.

The Casselberry trails were in almost full swing, and Toby felt it necessary to snap this over-clicked lookback over one of the doubles.

Will fought with these trails all afternoon, but he definitely had them wired before we left, firing out this lookback effortlessly.

Here Toby fires out some more goodness at the Casselberry house.

Will rode the shit out of this Mini, which the coping was falling off of at random (it wasn’t held down by anything). Here he fires off a huge invert out of a little ramp.

We made a couple trips to the new cement park in Daytona Beach. This park was awesome! Capozzi lays down the back tire here on some fresh pool coping.

We all tried to get a photo with a palm tree, but I guess I didn’t. Double tire to Bar.

So much went down at this park, it was hard to capture it all while still trying to ride. We definitely could have spent another full day here in the beautiful weather.

This is a reminder to myself to not book 6AM flights ever again.

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Korey’s Klick of the Week

I’d really like to see these make a comeback. Check the shadow, Tom Beckman/Stem Stall.

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Korey’s Klick of the Week

Instead of taking boring skatepark photos, we bring out the sleds.

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Pittsburgh Anthem II Premiere

My friend Ryan Souva and I decided we could not wait to receive our copies of Anthem II in the mail, so we made a weekend out of it and headed west for the weekend. The Altar Bar, a converted church turn venue, provided a location where some of the best riders in the world got together to watch a movie some have waited a decade for. Big thanks to Stew Johnson for deliverin’ the goods with such a phenomenal piece of work, and if you haven’t already, pre-order through your favorite mail-order or pick up a copy at your local bike shop in December. These pictures document some of the insanity that was present that night. www.anthembmx.com

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Korey’s Klick of the Week

Zombie Apocalypse Edition!

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Korey’s Klick of the Week

Jack Hartje not letting the shitty upstate weather stop him at Xtreme Wheels in Buffalo, NY. Pocket Table from left to right.

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Korey’s Click of the Week (COTW)

Mario getting super rad!

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Gypsy 3 Premiere/Fallen Heroes Festival

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Gypsy Tour 3 Premiere (Hosted by Joel Barnett) as well as the Fallen Heroes Festival in Groton, NY which featured live music, tattoo booths, a beer tent, and lots of debauchery.  These are 12 photos from the weekend that I really liked. I posted the entire collection on my Flickr

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