Jack and The Motorcycles

In the ongoing saga that is Jack and I’s relationship, I got a call from him where he said: “Yo, there’s a motorcycle stunt thing going on in Syracuse, I’m bringing the ramp.” That’s all I needed to hear, and I packed up my camera stuff and before I even made it out of the house, he followed with a text that said “hey man, bring some gasoline lol”. Oh yeah.

So I met up with Jack and the same FBM Maneater from his last stunt.

As usual, everyone thought Jack was going to die.

Having a motorcyle racing directly at you when using a fisheye isn’t settling.

Mandatory warm up on the infamous ramp.

We set up the shot, but Jack wasn’t content. In true upstate fashion he demanded, “We need Fire, Beer, and Mayhem going on here!” And so it was. After pouring over a gallon of gasoline on the ground, convincing people to chug beers in the photo, and having motorcycles do burnouts, the criteria was met, resulting in our winning photo:

Immediately after the stunt was pulled, a bike flew by me and started doing a victory wheelie over the remaining fire.

Big thanks as always to Jack, you crazy bastard, as well as the StunterX guys for allowing this crazy shit to happen. Stay tuned for Jack’s next outrageous move.

Korey Kryder

Engineer by Day, Thrasher by Night.