Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.

Posts from Jason:

23 Year Road Trip

Gunther Holtorf and "Auto": read more

Collapsing into the Whatever

Right here on The Least Most, we've been honored to have Matt Coplon contribute a collection of short stories electronically bound as Boredom Diaries. Over ... read more

An Alpine Adventure

Chris Hill-Scott, Luke Peeters and Kris Avery set off on an 8 day moto journey, spanning 5 countries. Chris put together this fantastic photo feature ... read more

The trip becomes all…

Do yourself a favor and head over to Defgrip to read Crandall's wisdom on what a trip can mean before, during, and after. read more

Lost Bowl on The Diggest

Our own Bryan Tarbell made the trip down to the Lost Bowl in Richmond, VA a while back and captured some great moments. Head over ... read more

FBM Summer of Deah

Here is a six minute instructional video on how to have a kick ass summer... read more

BEAT ASS: On the road with the Lords of Fun

A travelogue documentary featuring the third "Lords of Fun" motorcycle road trip... a 3-day, full throttle celebration of bikes, fire, stunts, Chihuahuas, freedom and FUN! Directed ... read more

Lords of Fun 3 Photo Overspill

As a supplement to BEATASS, the tale of Lords of Fun 3, we've put together a short gallery of trip photos for your perusal. Derrick Girard ... read more

BEAT ASS: Lords of Fun 3 Preview

The original Lords of Fun trip took place in January 2008 with a motorcycle, bmx, side car trip through Virginia and the Outer Banks of ... read more

Characters with Bikes: Steve Crandall

Recently, somewhere on the internet Mat Hoffman wrote to Steve Crandall: "You've got some big guns @crandallfbm keeping the dream alive brother. you are bmx." read more

Let’s Go Get Cokes

My first exposure to BMX came from two small books in my elementary school's library and a short video segment about freestyle on Reading Rainbow. ... read more

Modern Bicycle Boogie

RAD's dance scene, re-made with Juliette Lewis for Har Mar Superstar... Spotted on 2020 Magazine read more